Age of the gods norse: gods and giants


The Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants is a fascinating game from the makers of Cryptic Studios. Based upon the Norse Mythology, this download for free spins the classic story of the Vikings. In case you are wondering who is Lagertha or Attila, you should keep reading as the game will detail all about them. It is based upon the story where Balder took up arms against the gods when he discovered that the dead Valaak Isle's Giant symbols had turned into actual men, whom he then killed to get hold of the powers he needed. Now, you must train yourself and roll through the levels to kill as many enemies as possible and win the game to gain control over the lost Vestar Stones.

Unlike other god games, Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants has different sets of symbols for each level. You can also find several hidden chests containing items that can be used in later levels as well as a map that can help you progress through the levels much faster. When you first start the game, you will only see a cut scene while the action is going on but by using the left and right arrows you can view all the levels and see what is going on. The game will also give you a hint of what each symbol is when you need to know which is best to use during certain stages of the game.

Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants is compatible for both Windows and Mac operating systems. If you have the previous versions of the game, you can continue with it and if you have the current version you can start a new game with the latest content. The free spins of the story do not have any associated downloads and are therefore perfectly legal so you can play the game as many times as you like without worrying about breaking any laws. The Norse mythology game is also available in the form of a role-playing game where you can interact with the characters in the game as well as with the graphics and sound of the Odin's characters.