Kingdoms rise: legend of elvenstone


In Kingdoms Rise: Legend Of Elvenstone, the role-playing video game based on the famous AD&D game of the same title, players assume the role of a prince or princess of Arthas, son of King Nefire. The kingdom has been taken by the undead, and only Elric, your newly appointed adviser, can break the hold of the evil rulers over the land and restore peace. The game mainly utilizes the concept of drop and cover, wherein you have to move from one side of an island to another to engage in battle with the undead. You also have to make use of your wings and movement skills while playing this role-playing game as Elric is unable to do much of anything once he falls ill.

When it comes to the game's story, an ancient king has fallen ill and named his son King Nefire. However, the people surrounding him did not approve of his rule and soon he was murdered. Elric then returns to his home, where he learns that there were three progressive jackpots that could have been won but for one reason – they were hidden behind a mountain. It was then that Elric set out to find out who had done this, only to find that his adviser, Boadhagh, had killed him and took over the kingdom.

Using the information provided by the king's skull, Elric and his allies go through the caves where the three missing progressive jackpots are hidden. The caves ultimately lead you to the crystal ball, where you are required to strike it using the appropriate arrow keys and in turn, the jackpot would increase three times. There are four possible areas where you can win the progressive slot machines, namely, The Keep, The Mines, The Moor, and The Shores. There is also a special bonus room known as the Darklight where you can find a rare armor with high defense that is needed in order to level your Warrior or Wizard up to Level 80.