Lucky emeralds


Lucky Emeralds is exactly a hot slot. It's fairly average and not much more than a couple of bucks, but still, it's a slot… you might as well try it out and see if it's fun. According to how many players looking for it, Lucky Emeralds isn't a very popular slot to play. That doesn't mean it's a bad one, though, so give it a go and see for yourself how it works, or read more popular casino games. It's one that I would recommend as it doesn't cost you any money to get (you just need a computer with internet access).

The mechanics of the game aren't too difficult. For every spin of the reels, you receive either a bonus or a loss depending on which way the reel goes. The bonuses are in Irish coins that you can use on the slots (no cash, though) to get the best paying spins. The way this works is that you can buy a lot of coins to make sure you always get the best-paying game, and if you want to you can max out your bonus to get even more money to play with.

What makes Lucky Emeralds so unique is the fact that you have a special symbol displayed right next to your reel. When you place your finger over this symbol you are spinning your reels and the wheel will stop and give you a lucky Emerald. This special icon makes the game a little different than all the other online slots available. If you play Lucky Emeralds and pay attention to your paylines, you can easily figure out what they mean. I have seen some great paylines from Lucky Emeralds that have caused me to triple my money from just the first spin!