Midnight wilds


Midnight Wilds is a unique online casino game that pits gamers against each other in an effort to be the first player to collect all the loot possible during the course of play. It's simple to understand: draw a line from West to East when you are not playing on land. This determines where you are in the world and that Wild Card will be drawn, allowing you to build your strategy for when the cards are turned over.

Playing on land, you will need to use the Wild Cards to place your bids on specific locations on the map. The Wild Cards used in this slot game includes the usual lotto symbols, plus other icons including the jackpot, item, gift, and several others. You do not have to purchase these Wild Cards, however, nor will you gain any points for doing so. Rather, you will be given an extra life, and then will be able to redeem them for a prize whenever you would like. With the addition of many bonus features, Midnight Wilds Online Slot Game quickly turns from an enjoyable slot play to an all new experience.

Bonus features for this slot game include a number of “bonus” icons that allow you to manipulate the odds of winning. By earning extra spins, you can build up points until a certain amount of spins is achieved before the timer expires. You can even earn extra bonus points when a player lands on a property you have already spotted with a Wild Card. Finally, the inclusion of a number of wild slots on the nighttime Wild Wilds screens provides for an excellent game play experience. The graphics are colorful and lively, and the various features make this game just as much fun to play as it is to look at!