Shields of the wild


The mighty Shields of the Wild is an engaging casino game that requires strategy and skill to play well. This is a medieval-themed game where players need to move from one square to another in order to attack and defeat enemies. Players will have different objectives while playing the game. There are several challenges and achievements after a player has cleared all the levels and conquered all the castles that he or she moves to.

This fun and exciting game involve a simple setup. Players start by selecting a knight from a list that is randomly generated. This is followed by a series of increasingly challenging mini-games and puzzles to eliminate all the figures that are part of the enemy’s army. Each figure has a different skill that is necessary for the player’s success and defeat.

Shields of the Wild has a simple, yet addictive gameplay. After selecting your knight, you select a castle to fight on. If you want to upgrade your knight, you must collect enough shields and buy upgrades for them. You start with a basic shield which can be repaired. When you run out of shields to repair, simply replace it with a new one.

Unlike other casino slot games, this game provides an excellent number of progressive stages. A new level is added every time you play this game. Some of these include the following: First Battle, Special Forces, Elite Forces, Champion, Protector and Defender. The graphics and sound in this game are quite nice. For example, when you collect the last shield in each level, a pop up video shows a cut scene of the last knight protecting the city.

Another nice feature of this video slot is that it provides a variety of exciting game plays. There are special features such as scoring in the form of bonus points for clearing all of the levels and special features like destroying opponents and collecting shields and coins. The special features that come with this game make it a preferred play for kids. The kid’s version of this game has three bonus rounds instead of just two, and the game is designed to last until round ten is reached.

A nice thing about playing on this video slot machine is that it provides an option for changing the colors of the shields. You can have the shield of your favorite animal or use the color of your choice for all of the coins in your rack. In addition, this medieval theme game provides an option for resets. This is nice because the first set of coins might not be sufficient for winning. Thus, having the option for changing the coins every time you want to improve the odds of winning.